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Another crew added to Illinois Street road replacement project

SIDNEY, Neb. – Just over two weeks into the Illinois Street repair project, the City of Sidney and Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) have decided that one crew isn’t enough to complete the just over three-mile long project by the deadline of late August-early September.

The original crew began work on 23rd Ave. in Sidney on April 3, focusing on removing the concrete road base to eventually be able to lay new asphalt. Sayed Torak, NDOR project manager, along with city officials realized soon after that the job was more time consuming than they estimated.

“I don’t think we realized just how much needed to be done,” Torak said. “It’s a tough job, we knew that, so we’ve added the extra crew just to make sure we stick to our deadline.”

The new crew, which started work today, April 19, began working by the railroad tracks on the east side of town. They will work eastward towards Greenwood Road, which is where the project ends.

According to the NDOR, the three critical activities for both crews are removing the concrete road base, followed by removing the old asphalt, and then laying out the new asphalt layer. There will also be some pedestrian concrete, pipe culverts, guard rail and electrical updates as needed.


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